Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sameday Courier Service – Our Ethos

Huntingdon Couriers Ltd, the courier Huntingdon prefers, is based at the junction of the A1 and the A14; major routes that go North/South linking London with the North and East/West linking Birmingham, the Midlands and the North-West with the great container port at Felixstowe and the port and cruise ship terminal at Harwich. We offer a same day courier service that will collect from, and deliver to, anywhere in the United Kingdom. There is no booking fee or fuel surcharge and we’re confident our rates will save you money on your logistics budget. All of our quotes are without obligation.

We recognise that our customers are struggling in the current economic climate and we are prepared to play our small part in the recovery by keeping our costs as low as possible but also ensuring our survival, as a same day courier service, for the future. Our on-line map shows how far afield we have delivered to in the last quarter. We will update it on a monthly basis.

Huntingdon Couriers Ltd offer a 24/7 service. However, jobs accepted after 10pm attract a small “unsocial hours” fee as a result of the driver being paid a premium rate. We will collect from an area with a radius of 40 miles from Huntingdon (PE29 6YE) and deliver nationwide. Alternatively, we are also prepared to come to a collection point hundreds of miles away and quote for a return to the Cambridgeshire area; flexibility is something we pride ourselves in, alongside integrity and reliability.

Same Day Courier Service

Do you have a requirement to ship small to medium sized packages? You may have confidential or urgent documents, or simply need to get a replacement part or component from, or to, Huntingdon (Cambridgeshire), or within 40 miles of Huntingdon. Is there something you need transporting to or from another location in the mainland United Kingdom? If so, Huntingdon Couriers Ltd, a nationwide courier service, can help you! As the preferred courier for the Huntingdon area, we are the solution to your same day courier needs.

We offer a reliable same day courier service using secure vehicles for anything from a single letter to a single pallet of 3M³ at total weight of up to 500Kg with delivery on the same day as we collect the consignment, subject to the recipient being available to take delivery and sign for the load. Our rates are very competitive and are based purely on the mileage between the collection and drop-off points. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not levy a fuel surcharge or a booking fee. We do operate a minimum charge policy for journeys under 30 miles.

Same Day Courier Service

The benefits of a same day courier service are that your package is received on the same day that it was sent. This is a huge business benefit to companies operating in time sensitive business environments such as banks, solicitors, accountants and estate agents. In addition, companies with operational divisions at multiple sites will also benefit from the confidence associated with knowing that their package or shipment is in safe hands and will be delivered that day. For example, a provider of specialist goods for a particular industry may need a courier service to ship a critical part to a customer hundreds of miles away who needs it to repair a machine or to restore a business critical service. We can guarantee thatwithin an hour of placing the order the item is on its way (location dependant) to the customer who will no doubt appreciate the swift response to his pressing need.

A recent example was of a quarry operator whose weighbridge was in need of a new circuit board. The part was collected at 5.30pm and delivered to the customer, 220 miles away, by 10pm, thus reducing the weighbridge downtime to a minimum.

You can rest assured that your consignment is safe and secure with us, the preferred courier in Huntingdon,as all our drivers have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and hold clean driving licences. They are vetted and have no criminal convictions, either current, spent or pending. In delivering your package we represent your company and you can rest assured that our drivers will not let you down.

Our vehicles are insured with £25,000 Goods in Transit and £1M Public Liability insurance. Most cargos are covered, except for dangerous goods, such as chemicals, firearms and explosives, livestock and fuels.

For a free, no obligation, quotation from Huntingdon Couriers Ltd  please use the email form on the website or contact us directly on 01480 426540

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Reduce Your Sameday Courier Costs

As we exit the deepest financial crisis in history, many businesses are finding that they have become lean in their supply chain, employing strategies such as “Just in Time” (JiT) in regard to their logistics operations. To support JiT, access to a goos courier service is essential. Huntingdon Couriers Ltd, the courier Huntingdon prefers, is one such service. Our 24/7 service is used by many businesses in and around Huntingdon, with delivery nationwide and beyond, to deliver the promises and commitments that those businesses have made to their customers.

A good courier service is not just about collecting and delivering on schedule but it is a complete package. The courier service is representing the business it is delivering on behalf of and the appearance of the driver is a key to maintaining a professional appearance. Huntingdon Couriers’ drivers all wearing company clothing and carry identification documents.

HCL is the preferred same day courier for a number of Huntingdon based manufacturers and businesses and has completed, over the last 3 years, over 1,100 deliveries of high value equipment on their behalf.  100% of these deliveries have been completed within an hour of the time given on collection, with zero damages being incurred. Our customers are making savings of 20-30% when compared to their previous service and the 5% damage that was occurring has been eliminated. It is easy to understand why HCL is the courier Huntingdon prefers.

Our website covers most topics relative to our service and has an interactive map showing our current delivery locations.

As a nationwide courier service, we collect anywhere within 30 miles of Huntingdon and deliver across the UK and beyond by arrangement. Alternatively we can also collect nationwide and deliver to within 30 miles of Huntingdon.

To see how HCL can help your business reduce its courier service costs by a similar degree contact Brian on 01480 426540